Every Child

Each Child is as it should be

There is a plan for everyone and everything

Even when all seems random there is purpose

If a child cannot walk, carry them

If a child cannot speak, find a way to hear them

If a child cannot live, remember them

You can ask why but there is no answer

Accept the now and live for tomorrow

Remember good days especially on bad

Never say you can’t

You can

You will as long as you must

Never give up hope

That is all you have

Enjoy the tiny triumphs

Wish on as many stars as you want

The stars are endless

Hold those you love tight

Tell them when everything is not ok

Accept help, it does not make you weak

It makes you stronger

Never compare your child to others

This is a road thwart with disappointment

Cheer for what your child achieves

Do not feel sad for what they cannot

Know they adore you, unconditionally

You have been chosen because you can

A child’s soul knows no disability

It is as pure as any other

Your child does not know they are different

They will ask why one day,

Answer with the truth,

They are a different type of perfect

When they ask cross that bridge

Do not worry for that time now

Just another bridge in this journey

There are many bridges

Each leads somewhere

Even those that lead nowhere

Nowhere is still a destination

Some over fire some over water

Some stained with tears, others laughter

Hold the rail and walk straight and strong

Keep going, just keep going

Especially when you think you can’t

Find what makes you smile

Tears will come, as will anger

You are tired and your heart is broken

Ypur heart will break again and again

Until the tiny pieces fall like sand through your hands

Surround yourself with friends

They can help you pick up the pieces

Find light in the darkness

You need to open your eyes to find it

It is there, among the tears

In the pieces of your heart

In your child’s laughter



Kelly Dugan








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In 2011 I became the father to a child with special needs, a different type of perfect beautiful girl to add to my equally perfect (in a normal way) son. As my journey continues I find my best way to vent my feelings good and bad is through writing. This blog is for me to get my emotions out, if this can help another family like mine it would be great. My feelings are not rare in families like mine, maybe someone seeing some of their feelings in my words will make them feel a little less alone. Please feel free to comment or contact me at anytime, I look forward to your feedback. Kelly "Boy" Dugan

2 thoughts on “Every Child”

  1. I would never presume to understand what you are experiencing but the way you have with words is extraordinary. Keep writing, I love your honesty. Love, Gina

    1. Thanks for your message Gina. Thank you for taking the time to say hello I appreciate knowing people are actually popping by my blog to say hello. x Kelly

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