Ward 22 Christmas Carol

Good morning my love do you know today is Christmas day? Come with me to the window, we can watch the others play On their bikes and flying kites, family picnic in the park In an hour we have to go because your treatment starts You cant eat Christmas lunch my love you are nil by mouth The family is not here anyway, they are all home way down South Yes I sent your letter to Santa, he must of got I am sure It broke my heart to read all you wished for was a cure The doctor will be here soon, they will soon wheel you away I will sit here waiting and scared on this Christmas day I think if things were normal, if you were somehow the same To be outside and not to her you cry through another night again All I want for Christmas is to just hear you laugh and smile The doctors here, please don’t fear I will see you in awhile. On this Christmas day, the children play while you are in surgery asleep I sit alone by the telephone, hum jingle bells and weep

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In 2011 I became the father to a child with special needs, a different type of perfect beautiful girl to add to my equally perfect (in a normal way) son. As my journey continues I find my best way to vent my feelings good and bad is through writing. This blog is for me to get my emotions out, if this can help another family like mine it would be great. My feelings are not rare in families like mine, maybe someone seeing some of their feelings in my words will make them feel a little less alone. Please feel free to comment or contact me at anytime, I look forward to your feedback. Kelly "Boy" Dugan

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