My Dream Toyota

The only thing that will come to you if you do not work for it will be dissappointment. Dreams can be as high as the stars, goals need to be closer and just out of reach in the now. Don’t mix the two or you will be standing looking at the heavens forever wondering why you never had what you wished for. Goals can be obtained if you just streatch a little longer and a little higher.

Wish for a Aston Martin

Be stoked with a new Toyota.

You can’t afford the insurance on the Aston anyway.




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In 2011 I became the father to a child with special needs, a different type of perfect beautiful girl to add to my equally perfect (in a normal way) son. As my journey continues I find my best way to vent my feelings good and bad is through writing. This blog is for me to get my emotions out, if this can help another family like mine it would be great. My feelings are not rare in families like mine, maybe someone seeing some of their feelings in my words will make them feel a little less alone. Please feel free to comment or contact me at anytime, I look forward to your feedback. Kelly "Boy" Dugan

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