20150324_162203An eagle flies over the land of his home

As he soars of winds of love alone

The chill wind makes eyes cry

As he searches for love in an empty sky

Wings tire from an eternal search

Growing more weary they begin to lurch

Unable to beat them any longer

He succumbs to the wind which grows stronger

Eyes moist with pain and sorrow

On the winds of love he’ll search tomorrow


Kelly “Boy” Dugan


My first poem

Red Tears On Pale Cheeks

As you cry your tears of blood Tell me am I good enough To come to the place above Is this your master plan?

I speak to you on bended knee Byt you never answer me Is this my truth and destiny Or is it just your master plan?

I did not follow my fathers road Now I am alone and I am old Finding no warmth in this bitter cold Is this your master plan?
  • Tears of blood, Tears of blood From above are they tears of blood
    Tell me do angels sigh When another child dies How can you live with your lies Oh God I hope you cry When someone screams tell me why And when your tears fall Whose name do you call And are they tears of blood
     The bottles I drink 100 proof No answers in the bottom or no truth Have I done enough to be man Is this your master plan

    When I cry salty tears For I lost through these years Faced my demons screamed at fears Is this your master plan


Ward 22 Christmas Carol

Good morning my love do you know today is Christmas day? Come with me to the window, we can watch the others play On their bikes and flying kites, family picnic in the park In an hour we have to go because your treatment starts You cant eat Christmas lunch my love you are nil by mouth The family is not here anyway, they are all home way down South Yes I sent your letter to Santa, he must of got I am sure It broke my heart to read all you wished for was a cure The doctor will be here soon, they will soon wheel you away I will sit here waiting and scared on this Christmas day I think if things were normal, if you were somehow the same To be outside and not to her you cry through another night again All I want for Christmas is to just hear you laugh and smile The doctors here, please don’t fear I will see you in awhile. On this Christmas day, the children play while you are in surgery asleep I sit alone by the telephone, hum jingle bells and weep

Hiding From Shadows In The Shadows

In dream places where the shadows don’t go she sits waiting for me.

Her long blonde hair on the wind dancing around her upturned face.

Here the demons claws cant reach skin or tear at your face.

Here, she waits for me.

In the battle I fight I wear armour guilded with symbols of hope and a sword sharpened with dreams.

They know my name in the shadows and they whisper of me with their fork tongues.

No demons have touched her she bathes in only light, here.

They will come for her and I will wait for them.

I know them well, they wait till the shadow falls on her.

 She knows of no such things, these awake place nightmares. she hears no whispers feels no claws.
She tip toes like a ballerina so gentle is her way.
Leaving a soft breeze in her wake like a butterfly kiss on the wind.
She knows the warmth of love not the void it leavez when it is gone.
She sits in the dream place I sit outside the door fighting her demons till my fight is gone.



I won’t be coming home mummy, tomorrow or today

I won’t be coming home no more the angels took me away

Please do not be sad mummy or shed another tear

I a in a place with a friendly face, no one is sick here

I am sorry that I left you and I am sorry that I made you cry

I am sorry that I was sick and I am sorry that I died

I will be waiting here for you, when your angels come

You will hold me again and I will whisper I love you mum

I asked them if I could stay but they said it was time

It seems your heart stopped the day they stopped mine

I know that you are hurting and keep asking why?

It was so soon after we said hello we had to say goodbye

I am waiting with a lady who always makes me smile

She tells me all about you and we visit once in awhile

So I am not alone here I was met by someone

A lady who misses you to, she says she is your mum.


Kelly “Boy” Dugan


The Awake Place

Sleep my love my little one

Fade away to black

Dreams await you my love

Projected onto eyelids

Whispered into your ear

Angels dance quiet here

Tip toe through slumber

Smiling unto you

My love my little one

It hurts sometimes

In the awake place

Slip away now

Just for a moment

Be peaceful and quiet

Swim in your dreams

While they are there

They are everywhere

Yet somehow nowhere

I will wait here for you

Now and forever

When dreams are over

You will awake and see me

Here waiting my little one

For your return

To the awake place

Kelly “Boy” Dugan